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Sandwich baghete prelucrate artizanal.

The artisanal processing of Bite baguette sandwiches gives us total control over the quality of the product. Good bread is the result of the research we have carried out to create a healthy bread, without e's, preservatives or added fats, and which is now part of our Bite sandwiches. The unique combinations of ingredients, from simple baguettes with chicken schnitzel with mustard sauce to sourdough baguettes with chicken breast, bacon and caesar sauce with parmesan cheese, are guaranteed to satisfy everyone's taste.

Baguette Sandwich Bite

Sandwich Triunghi Prelucrat artizanal

Wedge Bite Sandwiches are made with bread full of seeds that are the perfect option for a filling and tasty meal. Sandwiche with pork pastrami, roasted peppers and cheese or the sandwich with chicken breast in Caesar sauce with crispy pieces of bacon in mayonnaise sauce with spinach are the most popular and beloved choices.

Sandwich Wedge Bite

Sandwich-uri Vegane sau Vegetariene cu Garden Gourmet

Following the partnership with Nestle SA. we introduced to the Romanian market sandwiches, baguettes and ready meals using products from the Garden Gourmet range. Garden Gourmet Plant-Based Fillets and Nuggets are rich in vegetable protein and fiber and are ideal for creating a filling and nutritious meal

Vegan and Vegetarian Products

Bite Sandwcih cu biroșă pentru micul dejun

Bite Sandwiches in a bun are the most popular choice for breakfast. The combination of egg with other ingredients such as cheddar cheese or bacon, adds flavor and texture to the sandwich and makes it the perfect breakfast for busy mornings. From the simple sandwich in a bun with crispy chicken schnitzel or omelette with cheese to the famous English Muffin with bacon, Bite Sandwiches has an option to suit all tastes.

Bun Sandwich Bite

Bite Sandwich Bagels cu prosciutto, piept de pui, ton, somon

The bagel is an appealing sandwich with a distinct shape and texture, fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside and sprinkled with seeds. This sandwich is very versatile, from the classic combination with prosciutto and mozzarella or chicken breast with cheese and pesto sauce, to options for fish lovers with our tuna with vegetables or salmon with cream cheese bagels.

Bagel Sandwich Bite

Bite burgeri din pui sau porc cu branza ceddar

Burgers are a popular choice for on-the-go meals. Although burgers are often considered unhealthy, they can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Whether you prefer the lean and healthy version of chicken or the rich and flavorful taste of pork combined with melted cheddar cheese, our burger is the right choice.


Bite Sandwich italienesc in focaccia, ciabatta sau panino

The range of Bite Sandwiches with bread slow-baked in a wood-fired oven is inspired by the Italian taste. The fluffy bread obtained according to the authentic recipe gives a special taste to the sandwiches. Salami, chicken breast, prosciutto cotto or crudo in combination with balls of mozzarella or parmesan to which pesto sauce or sun-dried tomato salsa sauce is added make every bite of the sandwich transport you to sunny Italy.

Focaccia, Ciabatta, Panino Sandwich  

Bite Sandwich în foietaj pentru micul dejun

The classic taste of French cuisine is given by the use of puff pastry that replaces bread and simple but tasty combinations of ingredients. You can choose between the fluffy croissant with ham and mozzarella slices or the classic puff pastry with ham and Emmentaler cheese

Pastry Sandwich Bite

Limonada 100% Naturala cu menta, ghimbir, capsuni sau retro

Our natural lemonade is obtained from squeezed lemon juice and citrus pulp enriched with different flavors. Some people prefer fruity flavors like strawberry lemonade, while others prefer the refreshing taste of mint lemonade or the energizing taste of ginger lemonade, or simply want to enjoy a classic lemonade.


Bite produse din piept de pui. Crispy crocant, nuggets, snitel

The strips of chicken breast wrapped in a crispy crust are not only delicious in Bite sandwiches, but can be found ready-packaged in the form of a ready meal. Spicy or non-spicy chicken crispy strips, crispy nuggets or chicken breast schnitzels are packed and ready to eat

Fried products


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